Future Soccer Star Program

What is the EESC Future Soccer Stars Program?

The Future Soccer Stars is for our exciting U4 – U6 soccer program for 3 to 5 year olds. This program is designed as an introductory soccer experience. It is purely aimed at helping our players develop their motor skills (balance, running, jumping, etc.). It covers the fundamentals of soccer such as dribbling, shooting, trapping, etc., and, of course, FUN! This program is not based on competition and as such, there will be no team formation or actual games.

We encourage parents to participate so they can learn the sport of soccer with their child. We hope that this program will motivate you and your child to continue in the game of soccer.

Future Soccer Stars will consist of 60 minute sessions overseen by Eagle Elite Soccer Club coaches. It will be on Saturdays at 9am at the Layton Christian Academy field for 3 months.

Little Kickers

What is the EESC Little Kickers Program?

It is a program offered to all U7- U12 players who want to start and/or further their development in soccer. The recreational program is designed for new/beginning level players looking to be introduced to soccer. This program is aimed to enhance the enjoyment of the players and to show how fun a soccer ball can be to play with. All instruction at this age is based around the technical development of the player. The program consists of quality and fun training sessions that allow players to enjoy the game.

EESC is committed to the development of youth at all levels. The program provides training sessions to allow players to further their enjoyment of the game. The curriculum helps the player begin to “master the ball”. Players will become comfortable on the ball and will be encouraged to try new things and be creative. The main focus will be for the player to enjoy the game and to begin developing technical skills. Having fun at training is key, as this will ensure players are developing their love for the game.


Typically the practices are once a week and last 60-80 minutes. It will be on Saturdays 10am at Layton Christian Academy field.

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